Dear Sir or Madam,

Re.: Letter of Recommendation

Our company, Exalenz Bioscience Ltd. is an international manufacturing company in the field of medical devices.

In the framework of the company’s production process, we have had frequent work relations with Hi-Tech Mechanics for some 10 years now in all that concerns machining production.

Hi-Tech Mechanics played a central role in the product development process of our company in its initial years and is currently a major supplier, producing machining parts for current production.

Our working relations with Hi-Tech Mechanics are characterized by reciprocity and are based on its ability to meet our company’s stringent requirements, such as compliance with quality standards, meeting time schedules and market competitiveness.

In light of this, the joint work volume increased significantly in recent years and we believe in further increasing activity with Hi-Tech Mechanics also in the future.
With best regards,
Inbal Shmula
Operations Manager

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